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I am currently serving Hitachi America Ltd., Ubiquitous Platform Systems, Consumer Group as their Senior Multimedia Technical Support Representative and Web Administrator. My responsibilities include customer and servicer support and servicer training of LCD Projectors and legacy multimedia products such as MPEG cameras, Handheld PCs, Video Printers and Video Wall products.   As Web Administrator I am responsible for authoring ASP and SQL Server database-driven web site as well as IIS administration of http://www.hitachiserviceusa.com which supplies our servicers with a wealth of technical information, training and support.

I am also the founder and one of the owners of Orion Enterprises and its predecessor, Orion Cinema Productions. These businesses have served the professional radio, film, video, television and multimedia industries of San Diego and Southern California since early in 1966.

I have instructed classes in technical, production, and marketing aspects of these industries, having demonstrated  professional and technical competence while being responsible for developing and implementing course curricula and teaching strategies with various funding, support and client organizations: the academic community, the professional media, the production industry and various educational agencies. I also had responsibility for the recruitment, retention and development of students; office operations; facilities maintenance and management; and health and safety. I estimate that I have trained at least a thousand working video, audiovisual, multimedia, and television professionals.  I currently serve on the faculty of a fully accredited university and I hold a California Teaching Credential in Television Technology.

Previously, I was the Production Manager of two federal grants that made 90 instructional programs for the Hearing Handicapped. Prior to that, I developed the prototype Undergraduate Pilot Training Program Learning Center at Moody AFB where I managed production of more that 120 instructional media programs using Instructional Systems Design methodology. My experience in the communications media arena includes freelance and contract production of broadcast and non-broadcast programming ranging from commercials to live international televised events in positions including technical, operational, creative, managerial and financial. I have designed more that 100 teleproduction facilities including multicamera studios, linear and non-linear editing suites, corporate meeting and boardrooms, remote radio and television vehicles, CCTV/CATV distribution systems and a theme park exhibit. I have been trained by major equipment manufacturers to perform warrantee service on broadcast, industrial and surveillance hardware.

My BS degree is from San Diego State University in Telecommunications and Film, professional sequence in Film, and my MBA is from National University with emphasis in Marketing.  I also have graduate coursework in Educational Broadcasting and Educational Technology including Distance Learning and computer lab design. I have achieved both Certified Novell Administrator and Microsoft Certified Professional certifications.

Introducing Blair