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My computer systems training and experience

Key Benefits

Certified NetWare Administrator
Microsoft Certified Professional
Experienced in WFW 3.11, Win 95 and NT 4.0
Understands Intel-based PCs, Macintosh and Amiga
Understands video transport and multimedia integration
Trained and experienced in interactive video programming


I am experienced in specifying, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining computer and computerized systems. I was personally responsible for designing and maintaining a classroom LAN-based system to provide cross-platform data distribution of curriculum materials, classroom related scheduling, messaging, and assignments in a fully implemented network system at a high school.  I have specified, installed, and provided training on non-linear video and multimedia editing systems.

Click on any topic below for a more detailed description some of my training and experience in each area.

Coordinating the implementation and maintenance of a LAN system; installing workstation hardware and related equipment; and installing and configuring workstation software
Serving computer user clients by providing communication and computer problem identification, analysis, and solutions to routine and complex problems with software and hardware
Production of video programs, operation of closed circuit TV distribution systems and use of interactive video
Computer operating systems, languages, and applications

TV Prod
TV Sys Design
Computer Administration
Specifying Systems
Systems Knowledge
Video, Interactive
Languages, Applications

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