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I am very familiar with hardware and software systems used, how clients use the systems and how they interact and relate to the systems. Having been in a position of explaining or teaching highly technical systems to students, teachers and administrators for the past 26 years, to the US Air Force as an Education and Training Officer and the US Navy as a contractor, I understand the process from a humanistic, technical and, most importantly, political perspective.

I am trained and experienced in LAN (especially Ethernet/Novell) systems. I have used software on the district's systems since Pilot, LOGO, Applesoft, and DOS, to most recently Microsoft Office and Adobe products on both Windows and Macintosh systems. I am, further, a daily user of Office '97 Small Business products and many other software products. My greatest strength in identifying problems comes from a well-balanced background in both software and hardware. Besides being factory trained in video production equipment repair by Sony and Panasonic among others, I have an extensive background experience base in computer technology as evidenced by the following.

Through many years of using and designing computer systems, my experience includes intimate knowledge of hardware to the component level. I have owned and operated personal computers since 1982. I have designed the hardware from the component level and written driving and interfacing software, including programming and burning EPROM firmware, for the following (Partial list):

6820-based multiple VCR controller I/O port in Apple computer for automating CCTV playback. This system included an on-air program guide, playback ordering forms, station logs and system channel ID and was used for years at a high school.
6820-based dual channel VCR controller I/O port in Apple computer for tape-to-tape editing including a user interface designed to teach SMPTE time code to students.
Dual VCR adaptation to edit 3/4" U-Matic videotape using VIC-20 computer with software written in BASIC to teach editing fundamentals to students.
Studio teleprompter system Ver. 1.0 VIC-20 computer as peripheral to Apple //e programmed in EPROM driving studio monitors, control room monitors and camera-mounted monitors. This system was also supported by my own word processing, show rundown, auto timing and file translation software written in Apple Assembly Language. The VIC programming was also written in 6502 Assembly Language specific to the VIC (Commodore OS) and burned into autostart EPROM.
Field teleprompter system Ver. 2.0 VIC-20 computer with battery pack modifications, programming and normal or reversed fonts driving battery powered field camera mounted monitor. The EPROM also included simple word processing for field editing of scripts and reading and writing to cassette tape.
Studio teleprompter system Ver. 3.x IBM feature card (add in) installed in 8088 XT interfacing the 6560 chip, dual-port memory, autostart EPROM with expanded font, bus clocking, driving and IRQ circuitry, and digital to analog color video translation circuitry. Extensive interaction existed between the on-card circuitry and the driver software. Version 3.0 used a compiled .EXE file to perform all of the functions. Version 3.1 used a TSR to perform application to card functionality while version 3.2 used a complete DOS device driver to interface any DOS application to the card. Starting with version 3.1, all application programming was developed in Macro Assembler. Version 3.3 allowed dynamic editing of the script including changes in the running order during use. This system was used extensively on the LAN allowing script import or editing from any location on the network as well as print services through local or network printers.
Studio teleprompter system Ver 4.0 Feature card installed in '386 with total circuitry redesign as required by memory addressing and wait-state synchronization issues of the '386 EISA slot.
U-Matic editing system based on JDR's 32 bit DIO card design utilizing my DOS Device Drivers and user interface written in Macro Assembler.
Brother typewriter interface based on CMOS analog switching driven by DOS Device Driver.
Demonstration VCR editing software to control Panasonic AG A5700 VCRs designed to teach students how RS-232 control systems work
Demonstration VCR editing software to control JVC HRS 6700 VCRs to demonstrate single-frame controllers and editing control functions to students.
Assistant Director's Timing Software to support student studio television programs.
Independent test taking and auto scoring software to allow students to make up missed quizzes.
Extensive array of utility programs and data filters written in QuickBASIC to support classroom operations
Numerous WordBASIC and VisualBASIC modules written to support classroom operations

Having as extensive a knowledge and background as I do puts me in the unique position of never having to feel overwhelmed or intimidated. I have learned what is a simple fix and what needs help beyond my abilities. I won't try to "snow" anyone or hide any shortcomings. I understand the differences between fixing it for you, showing you how or teaching you. I understand the need for proper administrative and team support as well as the realities of budget constraints. I also understand the critical importance of customer satisfaction.

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