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My formal training includes a BS degree in Telecommunications and Film.

Certifications and Tests:

Certified Novell Administrator
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Networking Essentials

At the graduate level:

IS605, Computer & Management Decision Making
ACC604, Management Accounting
EDT640, Networks/IS/CS Lab/Fund.
EDT650, Present Technologies and Distance Learning

Continuing and industry training includes:

Department of Defense Principles of Instructional Technology
Sony/Panasonic Warranty Bench Repair
DeVry Institute Home Electronics Entertainment Systems
Numerous seminars/workshops in Technology and Production Methodology
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers seminars and conferences

My experience includes extensive specification, planning and installation of audiovisual, video and data systems for educational and corporate clients. I have worked with vendors and customers to ensure that the installations met current code and capability requirements. Systems installed ranged from a few workstations operating as a supervisor equivalent branch in a classroom environment on a school LAN to CODEC connected full motion audio-video, data and videoconferencing capable intranet/internet within a LAN/WAN system. I have also designed and installed many media, multimedia and audio/video production and editing facilities.

I have been specifying, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining computer and computerized systems for several years. I was personally responsible for designing and maintaining a classroom LAN-based system to provide cross-platform data distribution of curriculum materials, classroom related scheduling, messaging and student assignments in a fully implemented network system at a high school. Experiences included:

Administration of Macintosh, DOS, Windows and Amiga OS and file structures
Authoring data filtering software for data passed between platforms
Writing automated login scripts and passwords maintenance software
NetWareŽ and local disk file structuring and mirroring
Creation of data bases accessible to any platform
Rights and file attribute management
Hardware specification, installation and maintenance
Configuration of hardware and software
Authoring and debugging custom software including DOS device driver software specific to curriculum needs
Management of audio-video edit decision lists between linear and non-linear devices across LAN
Management of full-motion audiovisual file formats within LAN and Internet
Authoring and management of classroom-focused website in Internet
Authoring and maintenance of automated student sign-in, attendance and assignment tracking software accessible through rights management
Creation and maintenance of gradebooks using Record BreakerŽ and Microsoft ExcelŽ
Interfacing of LAN with personally designed feature (add-in) cards to provide curriculum-specific support

I have consulted with school districts on the design and installation of multimedia authoring, editing and distribution systems. I have consulted on and designed extensive state-of-the-art multimedia systems for corporations including the interfacing of audiovisual, video, IMAG and videoconferencing systems; I have consulted on systems and technologies including corporate communications systems, Adobe Premier, AVID NT Express, MPEG file conversions and delivery of Video On Demand. I have installed and supervised installation of 10 BASE 2, 10 Base T data and 75 ohm coaxial systems for CCTV distribution. I have designed MATV, security and surveillance systems and carrier-current distribution systems. I am experienced and equally comfortable with fiber optic distribution.

TV Prod
TV Sys Design
Computer Administration
Specifying Systems
Systems Knowledge
Video, Interactive
Languages, Applications

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